Recent Purchases: Curling Iron and Tourmaline Flat Iron

So I've been curly for a month now, and I knew ever since the moment I got my hair permed that it was a really bad idea. Not only that my red hair went back to being brown due to the chemicals used for curling, but also, it got really dry that I need to intensely condition my hair everyday, plus, I did not get the curl that I wanted (heavy curls that will make me look like a mermaid, LOL!), the curl that I got was more of beach waves which is a wash and wear thing, no need to brush or comb the hair but putting lots of products instead. I know!! This is sooo not healthy for the hair. And to make the story worst, my 11 year old cousin told me that I look like the character from the Disney-Pixar movie Brave, okay, just to let you guys know, that is so not a compliment! haha!

My long healthy red hair around the month of July, with friends Mitzel and Teeni.
Damaged "Beach Waves" by the end of August, with friends Czar and Sandra.
And just this week I discovered this amazing curling iron from Herstyler that defines my curls and at the same time making it bouncy and shiny. It was said not to damage the hair because of its 100% ceramic plates unlike other drugstore-curling and flat irons. What's good with Herstyler is after curling my hair, I don't have to use mousse, gel, spray net or any hair products to make my curls intact, the curls literally lasts for 2 days with out washing, after a whole day of wearing my perfect curls, then I sleep at night and wake up the next day.. curls are still there, still perfect! I also purchased a flat iron just because I liked the animal print, well I have a good excuse why I bought it, I need to straighten my bangs you know, lol!!
Got a free shampoo from them which was awesome!!
This is how the curls looks like after using Herstyler. Obviously, I am so happy with the outcome, mermaid curls achieved!
I really recommend this product so if you want to buy and have one of these, just go to Shang-rila Mall, you'll see Herstyler booth right in front of Globe Telecom, located just at the ground floor of the mall.

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